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A Digital Marketing Story

The story behind Wilson Bloom Digital Marketing

Why I started Wilson Bloom Digital Marketing by the founder.

“The financial crisis has been tough on many people, but when I saw those with businesses close to me suffer, it gave me the push I needed to offer my tried and tested online marketing services to the general public.”

“A couple of years ago, a friend who worked as a language teacher was laid off from his job when the language school he worked at closed down. He then decided to open a language school for himself in the exact same spot! People thought he was crazy, but he knew that there was a demand for a language school in that location. Of course to run a language school, you need to get students in the door to make it work, lots of students.”

“Despite opening on a shoestring, he was experienced and had an established client base so didn’t envisage too many problems. Things started off great but quickly went downhill in terms of customer numbers - he just wasn’t getting the growth he planned for to sustain the business. He found he couldn’t reach the new clients he needed to really make it work. Within six months he was in trouble.”

“He came to me and I explained how he could quickly and easily increase the number of students enrolled with his language school using the Internet.”

“At the time, I was consulting for companies in the finance industry and we simply didn’t have the set-up to help small business owners grow. So I quickly got to work and figured out what was affordable and really works for small businesses.”

“3 months later, my friend was still hanging on, but he had the foresight to hire me to get him new students, so enrollment was starting to climb. 4 months after that, he was out of the red and one of his competitors looked like they were going to have to close.”

“4 years later he had expanded to 5 branches and has just sold his schools to an investor for a tidy profit.”

This was the start of Wilson Bloom, and we have been helping companies grow ever since.